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Want to require a certain type of pest management service but don’t know where to start? Partner with QualityPro. Recommend or require a company hold accreditation and offer certified service and leave the auditing and quality control to us. Service certifications are available for Integrated Pest Management (IPM), “green” pest control, pest management in K-12 schools, food processing & handling facilities, mosquito management, and rodent management.

QualityPro is recognized by a number of organizations throughout the United States and Canada who understand the importance of hiring a pest management company that holds itself to the highest standard of excellence. By rewarding accreditation, these organizations ensure that the companies they hire are the best in the pest management industry. Include QualityPro in bid specifications, contracts, recommendations on how to hire a pest management company,and your industry’s certification program. QualityPro is honored to be referenced in procurement, policy, and other certifications.


Contact our Executive Director to discuss how QualityPro can take the guesswork out of finding professional pest management:
Allison Allen, BCE

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